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Ever wondered how you could support The Historian's Family, or more importantly, the Blogger? Well, here is a list.

1. Read/Visit/Follow/Subscribe to the blog. I get warm fuzzies when I see the number of page views, followers and subscribers increase.

2. Comment on the blog. I know it can be intimidating to put your thoughts out there for everyone to see.  But do try. The reality is I'm probably the only one who will notice and I will be happy you took the time to post a comment. I'll probably even reply.

3. Buy one of the books I suggest via Amazon. To read more about the Amazon affiliate program and my thoughts on it, visit the FYI page.

4. Hire Amanda to help you.  I can
  • Research your family
    • If your ancestors did not live within driving distance of Cleveland, I can research what I can using nearby sources (Western Reserve Historical Society, the Family History Center and the Internet). When I have exhausted these resources I will, in addition to providing my results, prepare an action report for future avenues of research in other locations.
    • If your ancestor did live within driving distance of Cleveland, I can do all of the above, plus visit Court Houses, Cemeteries, Historic Properties, Genealogy Libraries and anywhere else that might have useful information.
  • Help you with your blog
  • Help with your academic/immigration research project
  • Write your family history
  • Speak at your organization, see my profile at GeneaSpeak here
  • Research your house or your ancestor's house; in a previous life I was an architectural historian.

 If you are interested in having Amanda help you, contact me at aeepperson at
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