Monday, December 13, 2010

Approved Ancestor Award and Family Tree Top 40 Nomination

Recently I was given the Approved Ancestor Award by Linda McCauley at Documenting the Past.  You can read more about the award here and here. As best as I can figure out, the award is the genealogy blogging equivalent of a warm fuzzy.  Thank you Linda, because the award did make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

According to Linda it is now my mission to to list 10 things I have learned about my ancestors that has surprised, humbled or enlightened me.  Then I am to pass the award and the accompanying warm fuzzies to 10 other genealogy bloggers.  After finals are done and grades are posted, I will indeed create a list and pass on the warm fuzzies.

Speaking of awards, my other blog, The Scottish Emigration Blog, was short-listed in two categories ("new" and "heritage") in Family Tree Magazine's Top 40 Genealogy blogs for 2011.  Thomas MacEntee has compiled a useful list at Geneabloggers with clickable URLs so you can easily visit all the nominated blogs.  The ballot is here.  Vote for your favorite blogs and vote as often as you like.


Bill West said...

Congratulations, Amanda!

Jo said...

Congratulations on the Award and the Nomination :-) Jo

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