Monday, December 6, 2010

News Flash: OGS 2011

Before I begin the post proper, I'd like to send a warm thanks to everyone who has visited the blog and/or become a follower. The many comments helped me learn something very important this weekend.  Apparently, I have been talking to the "wrong" genealogists. Who knew that so many others out there believed that historical research skills might be useful for genealogy. Fear not, I still plan to explore the clash/rivalry/black-sheep relationship that exists between genealogy and history (or is that genealogists and historians?).

Now on to my first ever cross-posting. I thought my upcoming speaking engagement might also be of interest to readers of this blog.

The Scottish Emigration Blog: News Flash: OGS 2011 update: "I recently learned that the OGS conference schedule has been posted here.  Downloading the schedule is how I learnt that I will be speaking at 8 am (yes, that's eight o'clock in the morning) on Saturday, April 2nd, session S-4. Here is the official blurb from the program:

Hiding in Plain Sight: Scotch Settlement, Columbiana County

Methodology & Strategies
Speaker: Amanda E. Epperson, PhD
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Cluster genealogy is a useful technique for finding elusive ancestors. But, what if you want to find an entire community? Learn the techniques and sources used on both sides of the Atlantic to recover this Scottish community.
If you are so inclined, come see me in person in Columbus in 2011.


Linda McCauley said...

I really enjoy your blog so am awarding you the "Ancestor Approved Award." You can pick up the badge and find the details about the award at

And BTW, I also can't imagine why anyone would think a historian would not be able to be a genealogist. Seems to go hand in hand to me.

Amanda E. Epperson said...

What fun Linda! Thanks very much. I shall make my list and pass on the award after finals are graded and grades are posted.

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