Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Joseph Bolen Epperson and Bennie Elizabeth Eldridge

Joseph (1910-1995) and Bennie (1912-1989) are my grandparents. They are not buried in the Charleston Cumberland Persbyterian Church Cemetery, but in a newer memorial park a few miles away. I remember my papaw telling me that after he had purchased the plots he received a letter addressed to "Mr and Mr Epperson." Papaw said, "They must think we're a couple of gays."  I thought that was funny because the twelve-year old me didn't even realize that Papaw knew what gay people were.  Obviously the people at the cemetery didn't notice that Mamaw's middle name was Elizabeth.

Joseph Bolen Epperson and Bennie Eldridge Epperson

I hope nobody found the above anecdote offensive.  It wasn't meant to be, it's just that I find it much more amusing than my one other story associated with my grandparents burial plot. The other is that the first time I visited the cemetery was at my Papaw's funeral in 1995. Mamaw died in January 1989, three weeks after I left for a semester abroad in London; I was unable to fly home for her funeral.

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