Sunday, June 9, 2013

Experiencing Flowers and Family History at Epcot

Replica Stave Church at the Norway Pavilion 
Last month my mother and I drove my niece to Orlando, Florida. She was accepted to the Disney College Program and will be working in the Magic Kingdom until January 2014. One the drive down we stopped to visit a cousin and drove through East Tennessee where many of my ancestors lived.

When we were in Orlando, my mom and I spent a day at Epcot. I had never been to Orlando before, let alone Epcot. But my dad had been part of the crew that worked on the television special that aired when Epcot opened in 1982. My mom was able to go with him. So, I have heard many stories about this park while I was growing up.

I had a great time. The day we were there was the last day of the International Flower and Garden Festival which was a huge bonus. So many topiaries and flowers! We went on all the rides. Soarin' was great - a brief ride over my home state of California. We spent a fair amount of time at the Norway pavilion  I know its "fake" but it is as close as I will get to Norway (the origin of my great-grandmother, Linka Larsen) for some time. We also ate lunch - and bought t-shirts - in the UK pavilion  In addition to being the origin of many of my ancestors, the UK is kind of like my second home, so it was neat to visit there too.

Disney is all about magic and families, but I appreciated the fact that the World Showcase allows many families to experience (in a very, small, Disney way) the cultures of their ancestors. Come to think of it, Epcot needs a history pavilion with information on immigrants and genealogy....

Floral Teapots at the UK Pavilion

Dragon at the China Pavilion

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